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Do you remember sitting down when you were a kid and just drawing whatever? Putting the pen or paints to the paper or wall (sorry mum!) and losing yourself in it?  Well, I just never stopped.

Than in 2013 I began my tattoo practice in Rotterdam (Netherlands). After 3 years of dedicated learning I started to travel around. On the wings of my tattoo angels I managed to work as a professional tattoo artist in many studios in: Thailand, Cambodia, France, Poland, Germany, Holland, US (New York, Penn State and Los Angeles) and now Nazaré in Portugal. In the meanwhile I started to make designs for friends businesses like logos, murals or illustrations for their restaurants's decoration.  

 Therefore soon my black and grey realistic style of tattooing started to expand in various ways of artistic expression. I find my own voice through a combination of styles. Lines, minimalistic art, realism and abstract style all combined.

What I offer:
-tattoos: in realistic black and grey style, fine line minimal, brushstroke abstract tattoos

-graphic design: logos, brand identity, posters and stationary design, content design

-custom artwork: Prints of my illustrations, merch and paintings



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          I work from a private studio in Nazaré, Portugal so if you want to make an appointment for a tattoo or to ask for a custom artwork or design you are welcome to write me a message through the contact form below.

I used to have a commercial shop open to walk-ins but I felt it was too impersonal and I don't like to be disturbed when I'm focused on a project. I also found my clients feeling safer and more comfortable knowing nobody is about to step in and see them during the tattoo session. 

We can also arrange a consultation via zoom if you're interested in any of my services but you are in another place geographically. 


Consultation is free of charge. If you want me to make a sketch or some kind of design proposal then a deposit will be required.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


I have my base in Nazaré, Portugal. Nevertheless I do travel around Portugal

as well as other countries.

If you want to make a request let me know as many details about your project as possible. 

If interested in custom artwork, I will be happy
to make something special just for you.


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Small Strokes
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